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Arch Creek Trust


Bridging History with Preservation

our members support the preservation of the historic Arch Creek Park and Museum in North Miami, Florida – an important archaeological site, a natural environment, a park, a museum, and an interactive experience reflecting a time gone by…

About Our Organization

We are volunteers who care about preserving local history. Our members saved this historic property from development back in the 1970s and we continue to support the preservation of this wonderful natural habitat and important archaeological site.

Join Us. For membership information, contact [email protected]

The Arch

this natural wonder, an arch bridge over the creek, has been a meeting place for thousands of years

The Property

Arch Creek Trust members saved this unique natural environment from disaster

The Park

we work with park staff and management to enhance park amenities, programs and facilities

The Creek

we support the South Florida Water Management District efforts to keep the waterway clean

Join Us In Protecting This Unique Natural Environment

As our communities become developed, diminishing the once-pristine natural beauty of South Florida, the Arch Creek Trust works to enhance and defend the remaining echoes of the primitive inhabitants, the settlers that reached the shores of Biscayne Bay in the early pioneer era and the residents who fought to preserve the natural arch bridge from destruction.

Monthly Meetings

Join us on the second Saturday of each month at 1pm at the park museum as members of the Arch Creek Trust gather to focus on upcoming events, campaigns and efforts to protect and enhance our little patch of heaven.

1855 NE 135th St, North Miami, FL 33181
at the corner of US1 and NE 135 Street
Call 305-944-6111

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