Arch Creek Park Special Events

at the historic Arch Creek Bridge
Meet at the Bridge - Arch Creek Park

Saturday, March 9, 2024

you’re invited to

Meet at the Bridge – Earth Month Celebration

it’s Earth Month and Archeology Month at historic Arch Creek Park

From the first indigenous cultures — Tequesta and Seminoles — to the early settlers of the area in the late 19th century, people have been meeting at the natural arch bridge over the creek for centuries. It’s simply an ideal setting for gatherings.

Join us for the annual gathering at Arch Creek on Saturday, March 9, 2024 — a celebration of history, archaeology and Earth Day festivities.

Arch Creek Trust Earth Day Month Poetry Competition 2024


Arch Creek Trust Poetry Competition

The Arch Creek Trust will sponsor a Poetry Competition for school children; and announce winners and award prizes, as part of the Meet at the Bridge event. 

We’re reaching out to all the schools within a 10 mile radius of the park to participate.

Like American transcendentalist writer Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond, the Arch Creek natural waterway and hammock are an ideal setting, and a welcome environment, for creative adventures in literature at all levels.

Come be inspired by the beauty and wonder of this magical space and share your poetry with kindred spirits in the woods.


Invitation to Student Poets:

Arch Creek Trust Earth Day Month Poetry Competition 2024

Hello young poets!

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the pre-Earth Day Month Poetry Competition sponsored by Arch Creek Trust.

This is your opportunity to let your creativity flow, celebrate the wonders of our unique natural environment, and perhaps win a prize. Let’s get started!

1. Choose Your Theme

Start by selecting an aspect of Arch Creek Park that fascinates you. This could be the park’s rich history, stunning lush subtropical forest hammock, Arch Creek and its connection to Biscayne Bay , the indigenous people, the Natural Bridge, the pioneers, the coontie mill, butterflies, birds, fish or anything else that sparks your imagination.

2. Visit the Park

If possible, take a visit to Arch Creek Park. Visit the museum, built in the style of a 19th century pioneer house. Stroll through the dense forest trails, and feel the timeless ambiance of the park. Walk over the Natural Bridge spanning Arch Creek as the indigenous people and the US Army did. You’ll be surprised at how the sights, sounds, and smells of the park can inspire your poetry, just as Walden Pond inspired Henry David Thoreau.

3. Write Your Poem

Once you’ve chosen your theme and gathered your inspiration, it’s time to start writing. Your poem can be any style you like: a sonnet, a haiku, a limerick, free verse, or any other form you enjoy. The only rule is that it must be your original work.

4. Submit Your Work

When your masterpiece is ready, submit it by February 1, 2024. Make sure you include your name, age, school, and contact information, and remember to give your poem a title.

Send your poem via email to:



Tips For Success

Be Original. We love unique ideas and fresh perspectives. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Use Descriptive Language. The best poems paint a picture in the reader’s mind. Try to use words that capture the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of the natural world, inspired by Arch Creek Park.

Revise. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your poem. Sometimes, the best ideas come during revision.

Judging and Prizes

The poems will be judged by a panel of local poets and teachers. They’ll be looking for creativity, originality, and how well you’ve captured your chosen theme.

Announcement of Winners

The winners will be announced on March 1, 2024. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on March 9, 2024 at the Meet at the Bridge Park celebration.

Remember, this competition is about expressing yourself and appreciating the remarkable beauty and history of Arch Creek Park. Whether or not you win a prize, by participating, you’re contributing to our shared natural heritage.

We’re eager to read your beautiful words and inspired thoughts about our beloved park and the history of Arch Creek.

Happy writing, and good luck to all involved.

The Arch Creek Trust Team