Arch Creek Trust Mission

historic preservation
Arch Creek Photo by Ralph Monroe

Arch Creek Trust Mission

Arch Creek Trust MissionArch Creek Trust a member-based non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, improvement and support of historic Arch Creek Park and it’s natural environment, preserving the local history of this important Florida archaeological site.

We support the county’s park staff and administration with projects to improve the museum visitor experience, as well as enhancing and protecting the property in perpetuity.

We preserve artifacts, documents and details about Arch Creek in our archives and make them available to researchers, history enthusiasts and others who appreciate the unique aspects and legacy of this natural place.

We partner with educational institutions like Florida International University to document the unique history of the natural bridge property at Arch Creek.

We encourage the South Florida Water Management District to keep the creek clean and free from trash and debris.

We engage with Miami-Dade County, as well as the cities of North Miami and North Miami Beach to coordinate their interests for constituents who visit the park.

We interact with the state of Florida, owner of the property, to protect this unique archaeological preserve.

We appreciate the magnanimous help, assistance and support of our benefactors, our research partners, our collaborators in the preservation of our archives, and local leaders who understand our mission to preserve and protect Arch Creek.